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6 Eyeliner Styles To Die For

The essence of any eye make-up look is the style you apply your eyeliner in. The cat-eye or winged liner, as they call it is a favorite of course but there’s more where that came from. When you’re feeling bold, pick up that pencil and give your usual lining style a quirky twist!

  1. The Lid Game : Simple but sophisticated, works well with most looks.



  1. The Bold Black: Line your lid and repeat just under your waterline. Pair with falsies and voila!


  1. The Might of White: So innovative and looks amazing. White makes your eyes stand out and how!


  1. An Eye for An Eye : Gorgeous, you’ll definitely get 2nd and 3rd looks with this one.



  1. Catty Twist : Take the winged cat-eye to a whole new level. How gorgeous is this?



  1. In Brackets: Sometimes, coloring outside the lines is just what you need.



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