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“Beauty is power, and makeup is something that really enhances it. It is a woman’s secret”, is what Prerna Khullar truly believes. Ever since she was a little girl, makeup and beauty was something she was fascinated by. She knew makeup could create magic and truly transform a woman’s face and more importantly, her confidence and attitude. Her knack to think and experiment outside the box led to her first professional training under the renowned Dominic Cruz from Los Angeles. After gaining some meaningful experience in the field, she went ahead and trained with Gorgeous Cosmetics, Australia. With an impressive amount of experience under her belt, Prerna is a widely known and successful freelancer with nothing but good and reliable references from her clients.
She is a Jalandhar girl, but flies across the country to make her clients’ day ever so magical by giving the brides a makeover to remember. Although bridal makeup is her forte and expertise, her desire to keep growing and learn further has led her to dip her makeup brushes into some fashion every now and then! Her current client base extends to as far as the corners of the world and with a bevy of content customers vouching for her art, the world is her oyster. She believes that make-up and hair styling is nothing short of the sparkle that creates magic and a big fan of fairytales, she wants a happy magical ending for her clients as well! Her brushes are more like wands to her and her impressive list of delighted clientele is a testimony to this.
Her ideology is to create looks that form an extension of her clients’ personalities and not necessarily by doing the obvious. She is credited with conducting make-up tutorials for make-up enthusiasts, which also includes a list of enthusiastic brides-to-be, equipping them with all the prerequisite master strokes of make-up.
With her impressive qualifications, accolades and testimonials by happy clients, Prerna Khullar has emerged as one of the most established and distinguished names in the Indian beauty and make-up industry. With a long and successful way to go ahead of her, Prerna Khullar has miles to go before she rests. Prerna Khullar’s vision to reconstruct make up aesthetics is the key to creating the magic she wants to see in the world.