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The Blushing Bride

Brides are my strength and weakness and weddings are my heaven! Every wedding is special and the bride’s entry is what makes it even more magical. All eyes on her, she slowly walks down the aisle into the arms of her shining future.

That is why I love making over brides… Make-up is like stardust that transforms reality into a storybook fairy tale we all grew up being read to and reading. This bride’s look is everything I’d imagined when I took my first glimpse of her. Such a pretty face, pink is her truly her color.

Her base starts with a layer of primer and a routine uniform layer of liquid concealer, later touched up with powder concealer. Brush the blush on swiftly over the apples of your cheekbones- atleast 2-3 layers (use any shade you like, I used a pretty pink as the bride’s ensemble is all pink as well)

For the eyes, first apply a primer on your lids for long lasting impact. I used a bronze-gold glitter eye shadow blended into brown to bring out the shine of her Kundan Polki gold jewellery. Line the eyes in a sleek black and here I’ve used a voluminous pair of false eyelashes to make the eyes the star of the make-up. A tip- always apply the make-up after you’re done draping the bridal outfit. Jewellery comes in the way while you’re doing the make-up , so put it on in the end always.

The hairstyle to go for and which never fails you, is the bun. Get any kind you like, but with the intricate and heavy dupatta draped over your head, that’s the most convenient and there is no question of your hair getting stuck in the sequins and little details.

It’s that day you always pictured in your head and all eyes will be on you, all throughout. I was glad that I was a part of her incredible day and with this blog I’m glad I’ll be a little part of yours too! :)


I can never get enough of this color! No matter where I am or where I’m going I know I can never ever go wrong with BLACK! Evergreen and never obsolete this color makes every girl look her best!